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Scorched - Mari Mancusi
"I guess it's just a place - filled with empty promises and broken dreams."

It was conflicting. Really. I would say that Mari Mancusi’s Scorched showed such promise behind the Terminator-meets-Eragon plot twist, but the execution just didn’t come together. Almost everything was a cliché.

Trinity, our protagonist, was the “unbeliever” who turns into the master of a very powerful dragon. And to help her out on this quest is not one, but two, good looking guys. To make it a lot more interesting – they are twins. Imagine that. Yes sarcasm intended.

I would have been okay with that, if only she didn’t pine over BOTH of them! She instantly falls for one, then falls for the other too. And to make it even more interesting (once again) they both fall in love with her. Seriously? How convenient? Insta-love really does not work that much anymore.

Another factor I believed that made this disappointing was the pacing. At first, it was intriguing and then a booming action-escape scene… then it was suddenly boring. It took a while to get to anything interesting once they got to the Dracken HQ.

I really do think that this would have been an amazing story. This had all the elements to make it something big. Story-wise it would have been an incredibly action packed and “blow your mind” possible twists. Villain-wise – the Dracken Head did show evil plots, and that one was about one of the few things that worked out well for me. It’s just sad that I couldn’t say the same thing for the protagonists. I mean, the twins were an interesting factor, but the way they executed their characters along with Trinity’s was uninteresting and lacked spark. Romance would have been okay, I love a good romance in any story, but this was just boring and hard to believe. I’m honestly hoping this would turn out better with the next books to come.

*Thank you, Sourcebooks Fire and NetGalley for allowing me to view Scorched.

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