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The Hunt - Stacey Kade

“I tried to warn you... You aren’t meant for life outside.” 

The Rules, the first book from the Project Paper Doll series, was more of a paranormal romance story. While The Hunt continues on to where the first book left off, it also opens readers to the sci-fi element that this story has not tackled on before. And wow! Was it an intense sequel? Although I can’t say it surpassed its predecessor.

Although Ariane and Zane’s relationship started off as a high school plot for revenge, it became clear that these two were definitely meant to be together. I love them both for being so dedicated to each other. But there comes a time in every couple’s lives that they have to face issues, and Ariane and Zane are no exception. Truthfully, they’d be the ones first in line given the current state they are in. Oftentimes, I encountered them both voicing out a lot of insecurity over their differences. It was a little disappointing to see them fall hard over the circumstances they faced here in book two. 

The Hunt seemed to overcompensate with the narratives of the protagonists’ thoughts and feelings. But even with that much descriptive view, this book didn’t feel as lengthy and dragging as I thought it would be. It remained a constant page-turner. I can’t say it was a thought provoking book though, in spite of all the scientific theories and experimentations being tossed around, not to mention the new characters introduced herewith in, it didn’t give me the urge to take things in consideration on a deeper level. 

Well, that all changed on the final chapter. Man that blows! I need book three! 

*Thank you, Disney-Hyperion and NetGalley for allowing me to view The Hunt.

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