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Her Dark Curiosity - Megan Shepherd

“Call it sentimentality. Call it curiosity. Just don’t call it madness.”

Her Dark Curiosity is the first book that failed to meet my expectations this 2014. Never, in my years of reading books that I encountered characters making stupid decisions, have I ever face-palmed myself so much (physically and mentally) than I ever did while reading Her Dark Curiosity. 

When The Madman’s Daughter debuted in 2013, I wasn’t keen on reading it. But when I was urged to pick it up, it was perplexingly good. The grotesque and sinister plot combined with Megan Shepherd’s enthralling writing style made for an incredibly interesting story, even though those visuals would’ve made me feel queasy under normal circumstances. So imagine my disappointment over reading Her Dark Curiosity and finding Juliet wallowing, making senseless and inconsistent decisions, and just going about freakishly aggravating! 

WARNING: Spoilers are coming up!

The ending of The Madman’s Daughter was upsetting that even I still haven’t gotten over Montgomery’s decision until now. Finding Juliet in a state of grief over his absence, I said, “Go on, and grieve, girl.” But I really didn’t need to see that ALL THE TIME! It was like every page I turn I’d get a whine here and a whine there. It just didn’t end! Even after he got back... This just boarded over ridiculous!

I’ve mentioned over my review of The Madman’s Daughter that I didn’t really appreciate the love triangle between Juliet, Edward and Montgomery, and this book just happens to solidify that statement. Juliet was infuriating! I would have accepted it if she truly had fallen for Edward and that maybe this was her way of moving on after what Montgomery did, but no. This was her way of covering up her loneliness, throwing herself at Edward, leading him on a chase that he has no chance of winning her heart over, and blatantly making the BIGGEST mistake of her life. What makes it a lot more terrible is that it happened right after a fresh kill! Idiot, I tell you! 

Oh, and don’t get me started on her opinions about science. She has been voicing out how evil her father was for creating Edward, blah, blah, blah (I can’t remember the words she said that infuriated me but it was excruciating to read) and more whining going on. I don’t know if she is simply naive or just utterly stupid that even Lucy, her socialite best friend who knows nothing about the kind of morbid science these practitioners are conducting has to point out something she couldn’t realize herself; something that seemed completely obvious in my opinion. 

To make it even worse, with how Her Dark Curiosity ended, it is a given she’s bound to do another idiotic thing in book 3. 

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