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“That all sounds very dire… I guess it’s time.”


Possibly the best book sequel I’ve read this year! Okay so maybe that presumption’s too much considering it’s only February of 2014, but still I am in high spirits! This book has put me in such a good mood before, during and after I read it. Now just thinking about the events in the book, and most especially moments with Captain Thorne in them, instantly puts a smile on my face.


We’ve read about Cinder, which is the retelling of Cinderella. We’ve gushed over Scarlet, the retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. This time, we get to read about Cress, and this time it’s a retelling of Rapunzel. Now don’t be fooled over the title of this book. Our protags from Cinder and Scarlet are still making their appearances here, but Cress takes just as much of the story. I was so excited to see the character’s I’ve come to love over the previous books continue on with their journey. And it was a BLAST!


Scarlet and Wolf have been the most adorable couple I’ve read about last year and their sweet little moments here in Cress were just as cute! It sure pained me to see Wolf in the state he was left in (oh, my poor, poor Wolf) but I’m positive this would turn out well in the end.


If I was amused after meeting Thorne in Scarlet, I relished every moment of having him here in Cress! He may not be your typical prince-charming-to-the-rescue type of guy (although he is quite charming) and not exactly a chivalrous hero but he couldn’t have been any more PERFECT! He may be a thief, he may be a ladies’ man, he may be a real trickster, but he is one awesome character you can depend on! And I’m really excited to see how his relationship with Cress would further develop.


Now what’s been happening with our main heroine and her absentee beau, you may ask? Well, let me just say that Prince Kaito’s appearance after his long, long absence from Cinder during her journey in books two and three were so worth the wait! Mad swooning commences once he and Cinder saw each other. It might have been a little awkward, but swoon-worthy all the same!


I have nothing but praises for this book. I loved Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles since book one. The sci-fi (maybe a little steampunk-ish?) spin to the classic fairy tales was not just a brilliant idea – but combined with Ms. Meyer’s mad writing and plot twisting skills made these books one hell of a remarkable reimagining. I love the consistency she has delivered all throughout the three books that have been already published. I can’t imagine how awesome it would be once fans get to read Winter, the fourth book of the series, which would be out by 2015 [everyone can join me while I sob and scream: “Noooo! That’s too long a wait!” I know you agree, don’t lie]. I know that’s a lot of pressure to put on the author’s shoulders and I shouldn’t keep my hopes up that much, but I have a good feeling about this one.


I am rather curious about the last chapter in Cress where Winter makes a very mysterious appearance. She’s a little creepy and… well, crazy; but I’m looking forward to reading about her!


This is really such an awesome sequel!


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