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Hello! I'm Janus. I am a 3D Graphics Artist by profession, and a proud Book Addict - i mean Enthusiast, and Blogger. I'm very much into Young Adult and Fantasy genre but I open myself to reading other genres from time to time. I run a blog launched as The Blair Book Project on Blogger, where I post entries such as my book reviews and other book related articles. I obviously got the name of this blog for the movie "The Blair Witch Project," why the name you may ask? I have no idea! I just thought it had a good ring to it. Ha! Ha! I post reviews twice a week and I regularly participate in book memes and features that readers and blogger all over the globe share their book interests (i.e. In My Malibox, Top Ten Tuesdays, etc). I have 230 GFC Followers. My blog has over 37,000 pageviews history and have roughly 200 page views per day. I have written over 267 reviews since my span of blogging. I am also an avid Instagram user, with over 350 followers, where I post pictures mostly of books I'm currently reading, books I got for review, galleys, purchased from bookstores, etc. (Statistics as of March 2013). My book reviews are not exactly "reviews" in a sense because I simply just type down what I feel about the book. What I write is solely my opinion and should not be taken as a definite basis of how the book is to be judged entirely. We all have different likes and dislikes so please do understand that although I'm very optimistic about the books I read, there will be negative comments towards those that I don't find suiting for my taste. BLOG URL: http://theblairbookproject.blogspot.com/ GOODREADS ACCOUNT: http://goodreads.com/janusvielle AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/gp/pdp/profile/AFAGLA0UYBOMH?ie=UTF8&ref_=ya_56 INSTAGRAM: @janusvielle

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Forget You - Jennifer Echols I am liking how Jennifer Echols writes her books. With her characters, she doesn’t just focus on the positive and negative traits of the protagonists. She gives the same view for its partner. For example, in this book, Zoey has the perfectionist persona and yet has the tendency to be blind and crazy. Doug, is the ever caring, sweet and HOT guy but has temper and over-controlling issues. It goes to show that there really is good and bad in everyone. Very nice!May I also just say that this is one STEAMY read! It may not be one of those books that parents would want their teenagers to be reading, but this is honestly reality. And as much as some would say this is rather disturbing book with all the sexuality in it, some kids are actually more aware of these things than parents think their kids’ know.Anyway, I really enjoyed reading this book. Setting aside the intimacy of it, Forget You has a very good story and it’s very much close to real life. I wish I had read this when I was still a teen because it has taught me a lot of things that could’ve helped me prevent making my mistakes in the past. What am I talking about, you might ask? Well, I’m talking about: (1) Jumping on making a decision then and there when you’re vulnerable, (2) Thinking that I was alone on a problem when there actually was someone in it with me, (3) Thinking that I could solve and handle what’s in front of me on my own when I could’ve asked for help, (4) That I could always talk and open up to my friends or someone close to me in spite of the fear of being judged, ‘coz real friends wouldn’t let you down at your worst. Those are the only few ones I could relate with and who knows how well the other lessons in this book could help others who have had things worse than me. So I do strongly recommend Forget You. It’s a light read but heavy on principles. Read it!For more of my reviews, please visit my blog: The Blair Book Project @ www.theblairbookproject.blogspot.com