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Hello! I'm Janus. I am a 3D Graphics Artist by profession, and a proud Book Addict - i mean Enthusiast, and Blogger. I'm very much into Young Adult and Fantasy genre but I open myself to reading other genres from time to time. I run a blog launched as The Blair Book Project on Blogger, where I post entries such as my book reviews and other book related articles. I obviously got the name of this blog for the movie "The Blair Witch Project," why the name you may ask? I have no idea! I just thought it had a good ring to it. Ha! Ha! I post reviews twice a week and I regularly participate in book memes and features that readers and blogger all over the globe share their book interests (i.e. In My Malibox, Top Ten Tuesdays, etc). I have 230 GFC Followers. My blog has over 37,000 pageviews history and have roughly 200 page views per day. I have written over 267 reviews since my span of blogging. I am also an avid Instagram user, with over 350 followers, where I post pictures mostly of books I'm currently reading, books I got for review, galleys, purchased from bookstores, etc. (Statistics as of March 2013). My book reviews are not exactly "reviews" in a sense because I simply just type down what I feel about the book. What I write is solely my opinion and should not be taken as a definite basis of how the book is to be judged entirely. We all have different likes and dislikes so please do understand that although I'm very optimistic about the books I read, there will be negative comments towards those that I don't find suiting for my taste. BLOG URL: http://theblairbookproject.blogspot.com/ GOODREADS ACCOUNT: http://goodreads.com/janusvielle AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/gp/pdp/profile/AFAGLA0UYBOMH?ie=UTF8&ref_=ya_56 INSTAGRAM: @janusvielle

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Just for Fins - Tera Lynn Childs Just For Fins is the third instalment of the Fins series. Here we find our protagonist, Lily taking on her first action as crown princess of Thalassinia. But as she treks the path to fulfilling her duties to her kingdom, she realizes she lacks the knowledge of what goes on in the ocean realm. Spending so much time on land, she left herself clueless of the problems hers and other mer kingdoms are facing. Determined to do whatever it takes to help out her mer bond in name only, Tellin, she goes about her way trying to find the best solution to fix these problems. Unfortunately that’s not the only thing she’ll be worrying about. While struggling to balance both land and sea life, Lily discovers that there is an ancient mer law that Quince must prove himself worthy of the love of a mermaid royalty. He has to take tests and failing those means losing each other. *Sigh* Life couldn’t seem to give Princess Waterlily a break...I cannot tell you how badly I missed Quince! Yes, even though he wasn’t the main highlight of this book, I’m really glad to have him back (well, figuratively... you know what I mean). Oh, how I’ve missed you Quincy! *giggles*So Lily is now bonded to Tellin (In name only as she insists. Well you better be girl ‘coz if you hurt Quince, blood will be shed. Whoops! Sorry, I’m getting carried away), and they are trying to fix the problem in Tellin’s kingdom, you know, water pollution, starving mer folk, and a king who’s too proud to ask for help. I’m glad that these two got along in a mutual, platonic relationship that enabled them to work together as a team or partners... whatever (I’m sorry but my mind just keeps going back to Quince. LOL). I’m just really happy that I won’t be worrying about another love triangle dilemma here. Anyway, this event opened Lily to discovering a lot of other worse scenarios in her meeting with the rest of the other kingdoms’ mer royalties. And boy, do those kings and queens have quite a pack of personalities! Speaking of personalities, I wasn’t really surprised to find Dosinia, Lily’s cousin, to have a change of heart after establishing a bond with Brody. It’s nice to see a different side of her that’s more positive and more caring, even though she pretends she doesn’t care. You’re not fooling anyone, Doe, but I’m glad you’ve changed.Now let’s get back to my favourite topic – QUINCE! Ha ha ha! I’m giggling like a crazy love struck high school girl. Okay, I’m sorry. Let’s cut to the chase: I was a little annoyed to find that Quince had to take on a series of tests to prove his love for Lily. I mean, hasn’t he done enough of it already? I guess the stupid ancient law doesn’t think so. Hmph! Anyway, I think the tests weren’t so bad after all and I like how dedicated Quince was to succeed in them. It just made me love him even more. Teehee! Overall this book was really enjoyable, I liked the first two books better but this was just as fun and cute. This isn’t really a heavily-built-plot kind of story so I wasn’t expecting anything cutting edge. Tera Lynn Childs’ Fins series is the sweetest kind of mermaid series I’ve read so far. If you want a light, sweet (maybe a bit cheesy to some, but I don’t mind), and cute chick flick-like story, you should give this series a shot.For more of my reviews, please visit my blog: The Blair Book Project @ www.theblairbookproject.blogspot.com