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Hello! I'm Janus. I am a 3D Graphics Artist by profession, and a proud Book Addict - i mean Enthusiast, and Blogger. I'm very much into Young Adult and Fantasy genre but I open myself to reading other genres from time to time. I run a blog launched as The Blair Book Project on Blogger, where I post entries such as my book reviews and other book related articles. I obviously got the name of this blog for the movie "The Blair Witch Project," why the name you may ask? I have no idea! I just thought it had a good ring to it. Ha! Ha! I post reviews twice a week and I regularly participate in book memes and features that readers and blogger all over the globe share their book interests (i.e. In My Malibox, Top Ten Tuesdays, etc). I have 230 GFC Followers. My blog has over 37,000 pageviews history and have roughly 200 page views per day. I have written over 267 reviews since my span of blogging. I am also an avid Instagram user, with over 350 followers, where I post pictures mostly of books I'm currently reading, books I got for review, galleys, purchased from bookstores, etc. (Statistics as of March 2013). My book reviews are not exactly "reviews" in a sense because I simply just type down what I feel about the book. What I write is solely my opinion and should not be taken as a definite basis of how the book is to be judged entirely. We all have different likes and dislikes so please do understand that although I'm very optimistic about the books I read, there will be negative comments towards those that I don't find suiting for my taste. BLOG URL: http://theblairbookproject.blogspot.com/ GOODREADS ACCOUNT: http://goodreads.com/janusvielle AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/gp/pdp/profile/AFAGLA0UYBOMH?ie=UTF8&ref_=ya_56 INSTAGRAM: @janusvielle

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Anna Dressed in Blood  - Kendare Blake Cas Lowood might probably be the luckiest guy to still be alive. After his father’s gruesome murder, Cas inherited a very extraordinary profession – he hunts down ghosts... and kills them, for good this time. When word got to Cas about a ghost named Anna haunting an old Victorian house in the small town of Ontario, he and his mom packed up and moved for the kill; literally speaking.Every person that stepped into Anna’s house was never seen again. Every one of them dead, everyone except Cas. For whatever reason Anna and Cas have yet to figure out...I do not read horror stories – at all! I tried reading one of the first volumes of the Philippine Ghost Stories collection but one page was enough to make me throw it across the room (and they say it’s not even that scary). Nor can you convince me to watch one more horror flick. Ten minutes in the theatre and I’d be screaming bloody murder if anyone forces me to sit for the entire movie. No way! I would most likely be the very definition of a scaredy-cat. I’m not proud of it, but it is the truth. So I think Anna Dressed in Blood is probably one of my most daring reads ever!I’ve seen it displayed on my favorite bookstores ever since it got released, then the paperback came out and it was all over the place, along with the second book, Girl of Nightmares. A series of book towers all around, mocking me that I wouldn’t bother picking it up. It is as if it’s trying to pick a fight with me, the nerve! I may be easily frightened but I do not go down without a fight. Oh, it is on!Although I was sceptical to read this at first, I have to admit that Anna Dressed in Blood was amazing! First thing that got me hooked was Cas, he was awesome! That’s right, he’s a guy. A male protagonist for a YA book? Woohoo! It isn’t that bizarre but you don’t see it often so... Anyway, aside from having a change in protag gender, I like Cas for his personality. He’s clever and determined, and major points for being the guy who isn’t afraid to admit fear. He always tries to overcome it, but his voice never lies and says he’s not frightened by the ghosts he hunts and kills. Moving on; even though she scared the heck out of me, I like Anna. I was intrigued about her, why was she cursed? How did she die? What on earth possessed her to spare Cas? Not that I’m complaining, but I was curious. In the end, she’s just a girl after all and that really touched my heart.I might not have bought the whole Cas and Anna love interest, insta-love and I have not been in good terms lately (the main reason why I didn’t give this a full 5 star rating), I like them together. It’s a sweet twist despite the fact that I know it’ll probably end bad, Anna being a ghost and all. Still, I want them to be together. So we have good characters, a whole lot of ghosts, and a little romance, but Anna Dressed in Blood isn’t short of action scenes either. Each chapter was all too exciting that even though I got scared, I couldn’t put it down! Perhaps my “please don’t creep me out” mantra helped me a bit. So maybe I can handle a little scare now? Probably still not! But I would try to get over my fears just so I could read Girl of Nightmares. For more of my reviews, please visit my blog: The Blair Book Project @ www.theblairbookproject.blogspot.com