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“Oh shit. ET so phones home kids.” Damn cliffhangers!!!


I’m taking back what I said on my review of Opal that that was my favorite book among the series. THIS is my favorite! The Lux series has gone far from its first book, Obisidian. What I once thought as a simple paranormal romance between a human and an alien turned out to have an even deeper story than I imagined. Origin has really done this series justice!


The previous books from the Lux series have been in Katy’s point of view alone, but since J.L. Armentrout loves us [even with the damn cliffhangers], she gives us snippets of chapters with Daemon’s point of view as bonuses. And that is one of the things that sets Origin apart; here we get to see the story through alternating points of view of Katy AND DAEMON. How awesome is that?


I am really happy to see the kind of change Katy has developed over this book. At first I was afraid she was doomed to repeat the same mistakes she has done in the past but she proved otherwise. So, thank you, Katy for finally trusting Daemon.


If I had loved Daemon even more in Opal, I am so close [maybe I’m already there] to worshipping this hottie alien in Origin. Talk about a man who is really smitten!


“Did you think you could stop me?" Power shot from me, smacking into the door behind Dawson, blowing it off the hinges and into the house. "I'll burn the world down to save her.” 


See? See? What did I tell you? Smitten! As morbid as it sounds, those are words any girl would have feeling butterflies in her stomach and want to do the whole kissing the guy in the rain scene from romantic comedy films.


There are a lot of swoon worthy scenes in this book (particularly a big step that Daemon and Katy took), also an especially hot Chapter 24 that got my imagination taking me to a very vivid look to what was happening [kind of weird for me if you must know], but that’s not all there is to Origin. Jennifer L. Armentrout threw in a very heart-pounding escape from the DoD, a very interesting experiment conducted from hybrids and aliens, Dawson’s surprise, and... deaths. Yes, that is with an ‘s’. One in particular is something I feel is too good to be true. But if by any chance that person is really, really gone (you really never know considering this person seems to have nine lives like a freakin’ cat with the way he keeps surviving), I’d be happy about it. Good riddance! As for the other deaths, it was unexpected. And I keep asking myself if maybe there would have been some other way that didn’t end to those horrible moments.


Origin has definitely made this series a lot more interesting. I am ecstatic that I finally have answers to a lot of question that I have been brooding over from the previous books. I’m even happier to find there are still a lot more surprises that I don’t know about Katy and Daemon’s world. I am so looking forward to Opposition. I already know it’s going to be brutal... but it will be beautiful as well. And although it might be the end (is it? Or will there be more?) of the Lux series, it will be going out with a bang! 


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