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Reboot  - Amy Tintera “Humans had a brightness to them, a glow that only death extinguished.”

This is a zombie book…but not at all what it may seem. As all zombie stories begin, it starts with a virus. This virus turns humans, not into brain-eating undead creatures, but into the ultimate weapons of destruction they call reboots. They are killing machines, and they are the perfect set of soldiers to do our bidding. That sounds just as awesome as how Rebo0t turned out to be.

In the world of our protagonist, Wren, once the virus takes place in a human’s body, your time is right about up. But once you die, you come back to, uhm, well not life, but human bodies become reanimated. The longer you stay dead, the stronger of a reboot you become. Now, reboots pretty much look like your average human, the only difference is (aside from the undead factor) they’re faster, stronger and are able to heal themselves in a manner of seconds that no ordinary human is capable of. Our small but terrible heroine took 178 minutes before she woke up from death, making her one of the most lethal reboots to have existed. But here’s the catch, the greater the number, the less a reboot is likely to possess human emotion.

I like Wren, as much of a shell she has become, there still is a spark of humanity within her. That spark of humanity flared up once Callum came into picture. I guess that’s why I also found Callum to my liking, even though he can be quite a handful. I like how he brings alive the human part of her that she has long since seemed to have forgotten. The unwavering confidence and kick-ass persona of Wren was balanced out by the kind of vulnerability Callum was able to depict in her. Although their love story wasn’t particularly all-gushy, it was sweet; just the right mix to make the story more interesting.

Reboot is by far one of the few 2013 Debut Author Novels I’ve read that I really breezed through. It has a very gripping plot, an awesome set of characters, is fast-paced, and action-packed, not to mention Amy Tintera has a great writing style that makes for a trouble-free reading experience. Way to make a debut, girl! This new author is definitely one to watch out for. I am already psyched up to read book two, and probably even the next books to come from Amy Tintera.

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